Optimize space by doubling or tripling warehouse surface area quickly and easily. Mezzanine structures can be disassembled, modified and reused to complement any facility while allowing valuable ground space to remain open for other storage. Mezzanines will allow you to utilize the maximum height of a warehouse and double or triple the surface area. Adding a Mezzanine can be the most economical way to increase warehouse space without the cost of a conventional building expansion. When designing a Mezzanine, it is important to consider the access-ways, work systems, products, and handling methods in order to plan accurately. Mezzanines may be completely disassembled; the parts re-used; and the structure, dimensions, and location easily modified.


  • Maximize existing space.
  • Professional look and attention to detail.
  • Customization at a competitive price.
  • Prompt, reliable project management.
  • Smaller investment compared to building an add-on.
  • Streamline operations.
  • Standard beam-to-column connections designed for higher seismic zones.
  • Connection designs are assembly-friendly for fast installation, with minimal disruption.


The installation of mezzanines enables the utilization of different applications in that area, from work areas, to component assembly, preparation orders, storage, etc. even office placement. The installation consists of two raised floors. The ground floor has been fitted with shelves for storing small and medium sized goods and a larger amount of picking operations. The top floor is used to store large or less frequently consumed products. The mezzanine is connected to a picking storage area by walkways that serve as reception and order reparation area, it has a platform lift attached to it to lift and lower products from different levels.



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