What is the AMS Rewards Program?

Is AMS loyalty plan, designed to reward our partners for trusting and working with us. AMS’ philosophy is to work closely with partners, developing and strengthening our relationship, while making their business more competitive in the market place.

How does the AMS Rewards Program Work?

After we make the invoice for the first purchase to a partner, we include them in the program. One year after the first invoice was issued, our partner, based on the amount of purchases reached, will receive a credit that will be redeemed for our products, from that moment until the next quarter.

What purchases are included in the AMS Rewards Program?

All purchases of our warehouse and storage products are included in the program. Freight costs are not included in the program.

AMS Rewards PlanGoal *Rewards (%) **
Level 1From $100,000 To $349,9993%
Level 2From $350,000 To $749,9994%
Level 3More than $750,0005%

* The goals shown here are based on yearly periods, which start on the day the first invoice is made to the partner, until the same day in the next year.
** Rewards points will be redeemed for products.
Freights costs are not included in the program.