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Our innovated Explosion-proof AC Powered Tractor QSD100Ex with big capacity 10000kg Mainly used in
most used in petroleum and chemical production sites, such as petroleum, chemical, military, paper, medicine, ammunition depots and dangerous goods warehouses.
CQDEx AC type Electric forklift approved with Explosion-proof mark: Exsd II BT4,
explosion-proof equipment for Category 2G, Offer high safety functions according international standards.

  1. Explosion-proof special power device.
  2. Special sealed battery
  3. Explosion-proof special Cable connection.
  4. Explosion-proof AC Frequency Oil Pump motor.
  5. Explosion-proof AC Frequency Traction motor.
  6. Explosion-proof Controller of Industrial trucks.
  7. Explosion-proof Operating box of Industrial trucks.
  8. Explosion-proof electric horn of Industrial trucks.
  9. Explosion-proof Accelerator box of Industrial trucks.
  10. Explosion-proof lights of Industrial trucks.
  11. Explosion-proof Signal lamp of Industrial trucks.
  12. Explosion-proof Traveling Switch (two).